Sunday, 25 August 2013

Paleo ...what is it

The paleolithic diet (abbreviated paleo diet or paleodiet), also popularly referred to as the caveman diet, Stone Age diet and hunter-gatherer diet, is a modern nutritional plan based on the presumed ancient diet of wild plants and animals that various hominid species habitually consumed during the Paleolithic era—a period of about 2.5 million years which ended around 10,000 years ago with the development of agriculture and grain-based diets. In common usage, the term "paleolithic diet" can also refer to actual ancestral human diets, insofar as these can be reconstructed.
Centered on commonly available modern foods, the contemporary "Paleolithic diet" consists mainly of fish, grass-fed pasture raised meats, eggs, vegetables, fruit, fungi, roots, and nuts, and excludes grains, legumes, dairy products, potatoes, refined salt, refined sugar, and processed oils.
~as described in Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Brendan and I were lucky enough to sit in on a Paleo talk provided by one of the local gyms in our area Fitness2428, what a friendly and informative evening. There was so much information that made sense  and like clean eating it is achievable. Will I be a strict student of Paleo, probably not straight away...but like clean eating I can see the benefits for my family of moving toward this way of eating.

If you are interested in finding out more about The paleolithic "diet" [I don't like the word diet, it makes it sound like a quick fix, Paleo again like clean eating, I think is more about nutrition and lifestyle change.] hop on the information web highway for all the info, studies and recipes you will need to get you started.

A shout out to Fitness2428 for allowing a couple of ring ins from Old Bar to join in with your Forster Crew. you can find these guys on facebook at

Find more interesting info on Paleo at Paleo Movement Online Magazine at

Monday, 19 August 2013

clean eating

Clean eating is a valuable lifestyle change that brings amazing benefits to your fitness and wellbeing.  Like exercise any changes you make for the better are better than no changes at all, so don't overwhelm yourself by trying to change everything at once, unless you think you can maintain it moving forward. I didn't want to set myself up for failure by make things too hard to stick too, so over the last 3 years I have tried to eat fresh, seasonal food, mostly prepared at home. I have also removed preservatives and additives wherever possible. This can be difficult when eating out, so we don't eat out a lot...:)
I would love to say that I am a clean eater, but it would be a fib, mostly I aim for tidy and for me that's doable every day.

If you are just starting out on your get fit and healthy journey, in my opinion it can't be done through exercise alone, we also have to look at our nutrition. If you don't know where to start, research, research, research or seek professional advice to set you on the right track. Information is power :)

Clean Eating ~ benefits
  1. Feel Better
  2. Maintaining A Healthy Weight
  3. Build A Stronger Immune System
  4. Mental Awareness
  5. Boost Energy levels
  6. Better Sleep

If you would like some inspiration, great tips & clean recipes, pop over to my sister Deb's  fb page Our Clean Life at :)

Saturday, 17 August 2013

inspiration #3

Age is no excuse
Earnestine Shepherd, 74 yr old body builder. Didn't start working out until she was 54...It's never too late to get started.

If I look this fit when I am 74 I will be one happy lady, Earnestine Shepherd you inspire me :)

I can clean...and jerk!

one day my form will be this good :)

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit. ~ Aristotle 

Well it's rest day again, a day for rest, recovery and reflection. Improvements are being made in lots of areas but I still struggle in many others. Co-ordination is not my strong point, so clean and jerk was probably my proudest moment this week. Slowly, ever so slowly the movements are becoming a habit, I will embrace excellence when it finds me, until then i will keep trying until the movements are a habit.

  1. You'll Torch Body Fat
  2. You'll Look More Defined
  3. You'll Fight Osteoporosis
  4. You'll Burn More Calories
  5. You'll Build Strength Faster
  6. You'll Lose Belly Fat
  7. You'll Feel Empowered
  8. You'll Prevent Injury

why do it
  1. It’s accessible.
  2. It’s versatile.
  3. It builds Strength.
  4. It builds Muscle.
  5. It burns Fat. Muscle burn calories.
  6. It increases Health
  7. It’s safe.

Thursday, 15 August 2013

inspiration #2

Never, never, never give up.

~ Winston Churchill

before and after

Theses are my before and after shots from the 12 week program that Brendan created for me 3 years ago, I have maintained, or actually increased my strength and fitness to this day, following his guidance and working my butt off, literally... while eating sensibly. At no stage over the last 3 years have I been on a diet.

I've never felt better!

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

rest & recovery

Me recovering at the beach today :)

Recovery is a vital part of my training program...
I love rest day, for the last 6 months or so we have worked out hard for 3 days and then we have a recovery day, giving us one day off in seven. I use the recovery day as part of my motivation to keep going, “2 days to go until rest day, 1 more day to go, ect “…you get the drift, and it works for me. It seems I need it for both physical and mental some days the thought of training is actually tougher than doing it.

Therefore it is an essential part of my program and has to be adhered to strictly :)…this is how I recovered this morning:

Rest and Recovery
  1. Gentle beach walk – walks out aches & pains, uplifts spirits and makes me happy
  2. Meditation – helps to quieten my mind if only for a few minutes, perfect for relaxation
  3. Reiki – helps reach a deeper level of relaxation and assists with recovery [ I have my own reiki energy spa room at home, for which I will be opening up appointments too the public soon]

Your body has an amazing capacity to take care of itself if you allow it some time. Resting after a hard workout allows the repair and recovery process to happen at a natural pace. Deep relaxation is the optimum condition to allow this to occur.

Monday, 12 August 2013

getting started

OK, summer's coming and you have decided that now is the perfect time to start your new exercise program. Good for you, things are about to get exciting and probably a bit hard, but I know that the results you see and feel will be worth it, and that you're up for the task.....
What follows is a short list of to do's before you get started...

6 must do's to think about before you start a new workout program
  1. Get your doctor’s okay - essential
  2. Weigh yourself - this is your "traditional" starting point
  3. Take measurements - this will give you a more accurate account of you're progress 
  4. Take before photos - I know you're cringing, but this is great motivation 
  5. Record body fat percentage - this will show you your "healthy body fat" range
  6. Keep a food diary - a food journal allows you to visualize just what you’re putting into your mouth, this will probably surprise you so don't cheat 

NB: When taking your measurements be sure to measure the following:
  • Waist (at belly button level)
  • Hips (widest part – may have to turn sideways to see where that is)
  • Each thigh (at about the mid-point)
  • Each bicep (flexed, unflexed or both if you choose)
  • Chest
  • Calves

Sunday, 11 August 2013

inspiration #1

Brendan walking his talk :)

energy and persistence
conquer all things
~ Benjamin Franklin

Saturday, 10 August 2013

give me strength & music

Lord give me Strength
ask and you shall receive
do and you shall achieve

If you're struggling to find motivation or consistency with your fitness,ask for help. Join a fitness group, find a good personal trainer or grab a friend to train with. Above all else find something you enjoy and then do it. And remember, doing even a little something is always going to be better than doing a lot of nothing.

Good luck....I know you can do it :)

Need some workout music motivation? Try these ...

  1. Let’s get retarded - Black Eyed Peas
  2. Get your hands off my woman – The Darkness
  3. The Rat – The Walkmen
  4. American Idiot – Green Day
  5. 99 problems – Jay-Z
  6. Bad Boys - Inner Circle
  7. Thunderstruck – AC/DC
  8. Joker and the thief – Wolfmother
  9. Crazy train – Ozzy Osbourne
  10. Lose yourself -  Eminem

Crossfit - faves found on the Crossfit forum

  1. Cryin like a b*tch - Godsmack 
  2. Anthem for the Underdog - 12 Stones
  3. Till I Collapse - Eminem, Tupac, Nate Dogg, 50 Cent
  4. Rocky Theme - Gonna Fly Now
  5. Main Theme from Rudy
  6. I Can't Dance - Genesis  [for heavy lifts.]
  7. Let the Bodies Hit the Floor - Drowning Pool [For work Capacity/sprint songs]
  8. I Disappear -  Metallica [ Heavy lifting]
  9. Tarzan's Boy - Baltimora  [for long distance runs]
  10. RPM - Sugar Ray [for sprinting and work capacity events]

Friday, 9 August 2013

are you beach ready...

team calibre ~ rest & recovery time

It's never to early too put your "get beach ready" plan into action! Spring is just around the corner people...get your body moving.

No plan yet? Our choice is this..start now or wish we had when summer gets here.

So ready, set...let's grab our workout gear and go! go! go!

10 Tips to help you get Beach Body ready

  1. Set Goals
  2. A Good Programme of Exercise
  3. A Clean Diet and Plenty of Water
  4. Resistance Training
  5. Group Training & The Great Outdoors
  6. Motivate yourself
  7. The Right Information
  8. Positive influence
  9. Consistency
  10. Rest & Relaxation

For More Info Go to:

Thursday, 8 August 2013

why run...

Today my program says it's run time, 5km's. A short run for the runners runner, a long run for me. I'm not a good runner, I don't like running, but I can call myself a runner because I do run! So I went in search of a few good reasons to motivate myself, to get me out the door, so that  when the Pt gets home from work I can greet him with a kiss, a smile and joggers on ready to go!
This is what I found and what I will loop in my head as I do my best to make myself proud.

Why Run
  1. It protects your heart
  2. It can reduce anxiety and depresion...and make you happy
  3. It strengthens your bones
  4. It raises your jokes please!
  5. It maintains joint health
  6. It raises energy levels
  7. It keeps you in shape
  8. It raises your body confidence
  9. It adds years to your life
  10. It keeps you young
Wow that's too long a loop to remember...I think I'll just chant "running makes me awesome"!! That should get me home :)

find more info on the benefits of running at

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

I'm not losing weight...

"OMG, I'm not losing weight ... it must be my trainers fault!"
Yep, or bad metabolism, to busy, hate the gym! Surely it can't be my poor eating habits? ... I used every excuse under the sun, before my intervention. I didn't want to look at the fact that it's simple mathematics! Energy eaten versus energy used. If you get the balance wrong you're in trouble.

I know I didn't have a lot to lose compared to what a lot of people are struggling with, but I'm pretty sure for most of us the excuses are the same. When it came down to it, I just didn't want to exercise when there were so many other ways I preferred to spend my precious time, but I made a choice in the end and embraced some self discipline. Now exercise is a part of my life.

So I am attempting my next hurdle. I have been fortunate, regaining my fitness has been a gradual lifestyle change, 3 years in the making, and I have achieved results that I am happy with, without changing the way I eat, to much. I've always maintained that I only exercise so that I can eat cake! And I do, but after my deadlift session the other night I had an epiphany. My body is amazing, it works as hard as I, or my Pt are willing to push it, yet I am quite selfish and yes I'll say the lazy word again, I'm lazy about what I feed it. I know better so I think it's time to do better, for me and my family. I have to learn to say NO to myself and I will!

I'm not saying that I'll never eat cake again, or that these changes will be made over night, but sneaky snacks will no longer be tolerated, and healthy meals and appropriate portion sizes will be prepared! No more seconds! I can do this!... Great pep talk Cal, yet I can't help but wonder if changing my eating habits will be harder than what changing my exercise habits were!...Mmmm I'm a little concerned that my commitment will be tested this time.

* * This post was inspired by a clever post I had seen on facebook, the image and quote "OMG, I'm not losing weight ... it must be my trainers fault!", really got me thinking about how often we sabotage ourselves when it comes to our health, fitness and life in general. So thank you to the person who posted it for making me think :)

why deadlifts

Yes I'm still sore, my muscles are aching in places that I haven't felt ache before, and that's a big call, because I think I have been hurting somewhere everyday for the last 3 years...suck it up princess your body's a machine! Damn...lucky I love that strong feeling.

Two days ago we enjoyed a pretty full on deadlift session [for me anyway as I still consider myself quite new to this exercise business]. It's amazing what your body can do... by the end of the night's training I had lifted 2635 kg & Bren had lifted 5187.5 kg... I have to add that this all took place in a pretty short period of time.....

Being that I'm just 5' tall and 54 kilo, and knowing how I have felt the last couple of days I'm guessing my body worked pretty hard throughout that session, and the PT wouldn't have it any other way, can't wait to see what he has in store tonight! Bring it on PT, bring it on :)

Just some benefits of Deadlifting
  • Deadlifts build total body strength
  • Deadlifts improve posture
  • Deadlifts burn calories and blast body fat
  • Deadlifts build forearm and grip strength
  • Deadlifts are a high-intensity cardiovascular workout.
  • Deadlifts strengthen the back and help prevent lower back pain
  • Deadlifts work lot’s of muscle groups in one simple movement: like the calves, quads, hamstrings, bum, arms, core, shoulders and back
  • Deadlifts strengthen  your core .
  • Deadlifts are one of the best exercises to do if you want a great bum, as they really work your hamstrings and butt. 

the back story

My husband and I met 18 years ago, and for as long as I have known him, he has been a strong and incredibly fit person, and always had a very disciplined outlook toward exercise. Me not so much. I cruised through my teens, 20's and 30's not worrying to much about fitness and rarely thinking about exercise, I was lucky enough to stay in pretty good shape with little effort, my exercise outlook was more faddish and very lazy. Lucky for me that worked for quite a while.

Things started to change for me when I had our twins at 38, true to lucky form and breastfeeding two babies for the first year of their lives, my body snapped back into shape pretty quickly, it was when I stopped breastfeeding that the weight slowly started to creep on. Fast forward three years and I had gained an uncomfortable 10 kilo, maybe more, over my 5' frame, that's not that much I hear you say, and no it wasn't, but in another three years would it be 20 and then maybe 30...fortunately for me my husband could see I was in trouble, he sent me an email saying "training starts tomorrow" and 3 years later I couldn't be happier.

He trained me via email for probably two and a half years and now we train together six days out of seven...I don't love the work, it's hard, but I love how it makes me feel and look, and I will forever be in debt to my wonderful PT for getting me back to me.
Does my back look like the one in the picture that accompanies this post? No it doesn't. Will it one day? I guess anything is possible if you want it bad enough, for now I'm just happy to be healthy again...but I'll keep you posted!

when it began

I have lost track of how long ago I took my first tentative steps toward a life of taking care of myself again. But I think it was about 3 years ago, give or take. I had always been one of those lucky people that could eat and drink what I liked in some sort of moderation, without having to think to much about it and still maintain a healthy body.

However, I look back now and realize just how much time I had put into looking after myself without even realizing it back in my "Single" & "Dink" days. I left it late to have children, not purposefully it just worked out that way. Up until I was 38 my body, like my life didn't experience any major changes or stress, so I was pretty set in my ways. Exercise was never a priority and I was comfortable with that.

Then I had my babies, they came as a pair and I almost doubled in size by the time they were delivered, then within months of having them, good genes and breastfeeding got me back into shape without trying...brilliant I thought, I actually felt better than I had before the pregnancy. I breastfed my babies for the first 12 months of their lives and literally couldn't eat enough to keep up with them, as they grew bigger I seemed to grow smaller and when they turned one I weaned them and my body became my own again...hallelujah.

It was now that my body ever so slowly began to change again and my weight increased. Since having the children my focus was no longer on me, my appetite still thought it was eating for three, and after a while we stopped walking everywhere and took the car, even a couple of blocks as it was just easier.
Over the next 3 years I slowly gained weight, I was busy taking care of my growing family and had neglected myself without even seeing it. I felt swollen, unmotivated and very unhealthy, and I had no clue what to do...for the first time in my life, if I'm honest, I felt miserable about the way I looked.
It was at this point that my husband intervened,  It was also the beginning of my husbands new commitment to me and mine to him, as he became my trainer and I his student.

When I started my fitness journey back in 2010, I also started a blog and shared my progress. After chatting recently with someone who had followed that journey and was encouraged to make her own changes, I thought I would also share our new chapter, I look forward to posting our ups, and yes even our downs...because there have been some and will be more no doubt, as we continue our commitment to each other, health and fitness, mind, body and soul.