Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Help....I want to Crave less Sugar

Yes I believe I am a sugar addict, I crave it daily and give in to that craving constantly. I believe I can kick this habit, because we can do anything when we put our minds to it, the trick for me will be making myself believe that I want to. Over the last few years, I have to say that I have worked hard at moderation, this has made a huge difference and giving up daily fizzy drinks (Soda), especially coke, has helped greatly… But I do love a sweet treat; lollies, cakes and biscuits are my weakness and unfortunately for me my daughter is turning into quite the little baker! Her chocolate brownies are to die for. I guess I’m just going to have to work a little harder….one way or the other!

Here are 7 tips I have found, that help me to crave less sugar. I use them to help me stop sabotaging my best training efforts and killing my results. It's a work in progress!
  1. Eat More Protein
  2. Avoid Artificial Sweeteners
  3. Steer Clear Of Saboteurs
  4. Try Dark Chocolate
  5. Stick With Fruit
  6. Change Your Palate
  7. Workout like You Mean It
Why is sugar so bad?
Along with promoting rapid fat storage, sugar’s other dirty little secrets are:
  • Sugar Weakens Your Immune System
  • Sugar Causes Insulin Resistance
  • Sugar is As Addictive As Hard Drugs
  • Sugar Speeds Up the Aging Process
  • Sugar Raises Your Risk of Disease
  • Sugar Is Empty Calories
You will find more info on each of the seven tips above at http://www.mikeohearn.com/newsletters/7-ways-to-crave-less-sugar/

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