Calibre....May 2013

This really is just about everyday health & fitness, achieving it and trying to maintain it from one persons perspective, In sharing my story of finding strength and fitness in my 40's, I hope that it will help others start their own.

I am not a fitness guru, qualified or otherwise. I am a Mum, no more or less busy than anyone else living life. Like most parents I put the needs of my family before my own, and for most of us this is where the problem begins. You have to make your own wellbeing as high on your list of priorities as anyone else's in your life. Know that is how important you are.

I could not have done it or continued to do it without the [bre] part, of the Calibre team...my husband Brendan has been my hero during my fitness journey, not only does he program it, he has done so with patience and encouragement along with a good pinch of "just do it" when I didn't want to. Without him, I would have not known where to start, and I probably wouldn't have. For me, regaining my fitness has been a team effort! I am very grateful to have my very own onsite personal trainer.

After three years of doing it for love, the other exciting thing that has come from this journey, is a new career for Brendan, 2013 will see him take his first steps toward making a career in the fitness industry and I look forward to sharing my PT with all those who need him.

** DISCLAIMER: Pictures shared on this blog that are not our own have been shared from different public sources, including websites considered to be in public domain. 

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